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"Sandra is one of the best singing actors I have ever taught." She has a wonderful, world-class vocal talent, and she is a deeply connected actor." She sings with emotional depth and truth and she brings great theatricality to her work:" she does everything I care about." She’s a lovely, warm person who has always been open to learning, and I encourage you to give any support you can in her career as a performing artist." If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, David

- David Brunetti,American Vocal Coach, Musician, Teacher and Writer

"Det var formidabelt at træde så stærkt ind med så kort varsel. Det var topprofessionelt at tage rollen, uden at publikum fornemmede, at hun var ny. Hun spillede den exceptionelt godt. Hun har en stor fremtid foran sig,« siger teaterdirektør Stefan Larsson, som var en af de første til at gratulere Sandra Elsfort efter tæppefald.

Maria Lucia's Understudy - Florence Vassy Aarhus Teater 2012


Sandra is a Danish singer, actress and songwriter that lives in the center of Copenhagen.

She grew up in the north of Copenhagen with her family and with music and singing being the nature and the most normal thing in the family. She was always dancing and singing while she got home from school, so it was in her blood and nature from she was very young. She would rather do that, than doing her homework. 

When she was 10 years old she wrote her first song and started in a professional drama school for children called "Eventyrteatret" where she discovered and added acting and dancing to her singing. Today she is educated from

The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre and from The Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute in New York. Acting/Singing in musicals, film, commercials, concerts, writing music, teaching and more.. Sandra loves what she's doing and it has always been her main priority to keep developing and exploring her craft in different ways and pass it on to others. 



"The great thing about art is that, if it is done well, it allows your soul to open up and be beautifully touched without thinking, questioning or jugding.

It just happen to take you away in one moment ! And we need those moments in life, to take our breath or sorrow away or let it out.

Through art we can communicate and try our best to make a change or a difference in ones life or touch a whole audience even if its just for a few seconds. That is one of the reasons why I have a great passion for Theatre, Music and Film. Only the most truthful performances gets through and and that is what always drives me

to be the best I can be - Sandra

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